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Floribunda Award 2022-2023

Sheryl Vos
Floribunda Nominee

Birds of a feather flock together, so the old proverb goes. In any club or organization members with the same mind set and goals who get along well with others is a key attribute to success. Our 2022 Floribunda recipient, without a doubt, fits that mold. Since joining the VGCD in 2012, Sheryl Vos has been a leader for various committees. During her 10 years of service to our club, she has proudly worn many different hats. As an example, this year alone, Sheryl is serving on three of our major committees. However, her most impressive hat is the Civic Beautification hat that she wears so proudly. She has spearheaded the Civic Beautification team successfully for numerous years. Like her predecessors, Sheryl, along with her team devotes countless hours, planning, planting, maintaining, watering if needed and weeding our public town gardens. These beautiful gardens are not only treasured by our community but they are admired by our large influx of tourists that flock to Cape Cod to enjoy our beautiful beaches, rich history, and magnificent landscapes. Our community gardens are a credit to her leadership, organizational skills, and awesome team of devoted gardeners. Whether she’s on the team or leading it, members know if Sheryl is involved there is no need to be concerned about success. Additionally, she oversees everything she is engaged in with grace, intelligence, collaboration, patience, kindness, and with a smile. Nothing is too big or too small for her to take on. It is for these reasons the VGCD is pleased to announce Sheryl Vos as our 2022 Floribunda Award recipient. It is time to tip our hats to Sheryl.

Sheryl Floribunda Picture.heic
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2022 - Sheryl Vos

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