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Floribunda Award 2023-2024

Melanie Carlson
Floribunda Nominee

Many people have leadership skills that contribute to a club. Then there are those unique individuals that can motivate people into action when they have a vision for creating something special. They possess good leadership behaviors that inspire members to achieve specific goals of a club. It could be an event, a class, or a special program. They are the honest, confident, approachable, “lead by example” people. It is for this reason we bestow the 2023 Floribunda Award to Melanie Carlson. Several years ago, Melanie revamped the plant sale from a tiny fundraiser with home grown plants to a blockbuster event with home and nursery donated amazing plants. Our club revenue almost doubled from years past due to her ability to get donations and price effectively. She showed everyone how to best pot up their donated plants as well as streamlined the drop off and the cashier process at the sale. Melanie taught how to winter over reduced-price perennials to help add to our bottom line. When faced with the closure of Carleton Hall, she found a new location on the centrally located church and green at no cost to the club. Melanie then sourced donated tables, tents, and space which kept our profitable sale going during Covid when other clubs cancelled their plant sales. This past year she eagerly took on teaching how to force bulbs, not because she was an expert but because she wanted to learn. Melanie researched the best bulbs to buy and then babysat 200 bulbs in her garage during November, December, and January. In a general meeting she presented a thoughtful and easily understandable presentation so all members could get their hands dirty and find success in planting and growing bulbs during a general meeting. Melanie quietly organizes and brings thoughtful, sound, and positive ideas to the club and for these reasons we are pleased to award her the 2023 Village Garden Club of Dennis Floribunda Award.

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Past Winners
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