Floribunda Award 2020-2021

 Joanne Mockler

The Village Garden Club of Dennis is pleased to nominate Joanne Mockler for the 2020 SED Floribunda Award. Joanne has been a member of the VGC of Dennis since 2012. Throughout her years of membership, she has enthusiastically participated in the work of our club and exemplified qualities that have made her stand out as a member who has consistently contributed to the work of VGC by “quietly doing whatever is needed, without looking for or expecting praise.”

Joanne has served on various committees: Environment (Chairperson), Civic Beautification, Manse Flower Show, Ways and Means, Plant Sale, Program and Hospitality (Co-Chair). In recent years she has served as Recording Secretary.


On behalf of the Village Garden Club of Dennis, we thank Joanne for her faithful service to our club. Her cheerful work ethic is an inspiration to all who have been fortunate to know her and serve with her.

Chris Harrington, President Village Garden Club of Dennis

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