Membership & Committees

 Each Active Member is required to ...
  • Attend FOUR general meetings per year

  • Serve on the Hospitality Committee for one meeting during the year

  • Participate in Special Club Function(s) – decided upon each year

  • Contribute 10 plants to the plant sale or support via donation TBD each year

  • Participate on one standing committee throughout the year

  • All members are encouraged participate in Civic Beautification 

Standing Committees 

Civic Beautification

Members plant and maintain 10 gardens in the towns of Dennis. Take a look at our Civic Beautification Gallery


Update and give suggestions to our members on how to lessen our carbon footprint in our environment through awareness of the products we use and ways to conserve energy.

Garden Therapy

A group that meets monthly at a local facility and spends time with residents working on a craft or garden project.

Garden Tours / House Tours Committee

Yearly or bi-annual events organized by the club where homes are featured in either a garden tour or a house tour as determined by the committees for that year. These are major fund-raisers for the club and many participants are needed to run the events.


Responsible for planning trips, coordinating training programs for the club members, organizing flower shows and wreath-making events and various other horticultural projects within the club.


Research and arrange monthly programs for the club including a special “open meeting” for the public. Members meet a few times per year to discuss available presenters, coordinate the program plans, develop the committee budget and prepare program descriptions for the Yearbook.


A committee that shares information about our club’s events in the local papers, websites or other media forum.

Scholarships and Community Outreach

Review and select applicants to receive scholarships on a yearly basis. This group also determines where money should be directed to fund community projects or causes.


Responsible for the technical portion of each monthly meeting. Also manages the club’s Facebook page, website and laptops for the club’s usage. In addition, the technology team creates media for publicity of special events and works with all team leaders.

Other Committees/Chairs

Club Officers, Awards, Design Study, Hospitality, Grapevine (newsletter), Photographer and Yearbook. These are committees that will fulfill standing committee requirements but are appointed and/or voluntary committees.

Plant Sale

The Plant Sale Committee plans and coordinates the annual plant sale which provides funds for many club activities including our tool-ship and scholarships for worthy Dennis students.


The Membership Committee coordinates the record keeping for the body of VGCD members. This includes creating, coordinating, and receiving new member applications, contacting, acknowledging and welcoming new members upon receipt of the application.