The love of gardening is a seed

That once sown

Never dies…

Gertrude Jekyll

Past Presidents

*Marion Scofield 1972

*Bernice Brooks 1973-74

*Mary Louise Yount 1974-76

*Rose McMurtry 1976-77

*Annette Dudley 1977-79

*Harriet Pearce 1979-80

*Catherine Willsey 1981

*Hilda Brown 1981-82

*Jane Wolf 1982-84

*Rose McMurtry 1984-85

*Beverly Lopes 1985-86

*Sylvia Hosley 1986-87

*Esme Willis 1987

Lois Moulton 1987-88

*Dorothy Crawley 1988-90

Marjorie McCormick 1990-92

Doris Marshall 1992-94

Marjorie McMormick 1994-96

Eleanor McNeil 1996-98

Nancy Jamieson 1998-01

Gail Jamison 2002-04

Mary Raycraft 2004-06

Angela Kimball 2006-08

Judy Beeten 2018 - 10

Mary Kuhrtz 2010 - 12

Andrea McGrath Gotti 2012 - 14

Claire Briand 2014 - 16

Priscilla Hutchinson 2016 - 18

Christine Harrington 2018 - 2020

In Memoriam 

Patricia Coughlan

March 7, 1938 – December 24, 2018

Patricia Coughlan passed away on Monday, December 24, 2018, surrounded by her loving family.  A member of the Village Garden Club of Dennis since 2005, Pat served on numerous committees, and is fondly remembered for her enthusiasm and dedication to our club.  As a member of the Horticulture Committee, Pat planned several bus trips, always cheerfully greeting us with a smile as we embarked upon our trip. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Gerri O'Brien

October 2, 1946 – December 11, 2018

Gerri O’Brien passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. A member of the Village Garden Club of Dennis since 2013, Gerri served as Vice President and was known for her infectious smile, good nature and positive attitude.  She is fondly remembered for her famous tea parties for our new members and also for her holiday parties with trees decorated to the max throughout her beautiful home. As a member of the board and various other committees, Gerri was loved by so many members of our club and she will be dearly missed by all.

Mauvreen Ackley

1947 – June 13, 2019

Mauvreen Ackley, passed away June 13, 2019.

A member of the Village Garden Club of Dennis since 2015, Mauvreen participated in plantings and upkeep of local community gardens in Dennis, especially at the Josiah Dennis Manse, where she worked so avidly.  She used her artistic flair to create floral masterpieces for the club and was a budding new face in the horticulture arena, as her talent blossomed with beautiful arrangements. Her quiet, easygoing nature and subtle sense of humor will be missed by her family and friends.

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