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Standing Committees
Standing Committees

 Civic Beautification Committee - Chair: Sheryl Vos

This committee oversees the preparing, planting, watering, fertilization and weeding of town gardens. All Civic Beautification participants are requested to help with Spring/Fall cleanup. Scheduling, designing and purchasing plant material is done by each garden Site Chair. Garden assignments, approving billing and overseeing all gardens is coordinated by the Beautification Chairwoman. No participant limit.

Corporation Beach Dory

Site Chair: Patricia Koehler


Dorothy Craft

Joanne Mockler

Mary Raycraft

Chamber of Commerce

Site Chair: Marie Susen


Elizabeth Ching

Bethany Gaita

Mary Ann Politi

Dennis Memorial Library

Site Chair: Barbara Norman

 Marlea Hoelzer

Laura Luke

Dennis Port Public Library

Site Chairs:

Nancy J. Wilson 

Colleen Baldelli

Jan Kervick

Dennis Port Pocket Park

Site Chair: Colleen Baldelli

Melanie Carlson

Susan Carnathan

Mary Karen Noonan

Kathy Ozella

Patti Sakellis

Peg Sheridan

Nancy J. Wilson

Jacob Sears Library

Site Chair: Bev Petti

Lynn Carlson

Barbara Fitzpatrick

Connie Maney

Karen Smith

Josiah Dennis Manse                  Interpretive Garden

Site Co-Chair: Mary Raycraft

Jan Ward

Dennis Village Post Office

Site Chair: Mary Rahal 

Donna Christensen

Marsha Fredericks 

Jean Forte

Mayflower Beach Dory

Site Chair: Nadine Bradshaw

Mary Raycraft

Nancy Torrente

Nobscussett Park

Site Chair: Peggy Lahey


Mary Raycraft

Sheryl Vos

Jan Ward  

AWARDS - Chair: Nancy Jamieson

The Chairperson of Awards researches the awards available for the Club from GCFM, New England Regional and National Garden Clubs Inc., and any other applicable sources. This information is shared with our VGCD Committee Chairs who may wish to apply for an award or grant.

DESIGN STUDY - Chairs: Nancy Jamieson & Priscilla Hutchinson

The Design Study Committee holds club workshops to teach members good Floral Design using the Elements and Principles of Design as put forth by the National Garden Club, Inc. The committee will share techniques used to achieve good designs for Home and Shows.

ENVIRONMENT - Chair: Elizabeth Ching

The Environment Committee keeps members informed about significant conservation and environmental issues as well as local,

state and national legislation on environmental concerns. The use of the Grapevine, announcements at General Meetings, as well

as email notifications of upcoming Internet programs, allow a variety of ways of keeping the membership informed.

Committee Members: Mary Karen Noonan

GARDEN THERAPY - Chair: Phyllis Villemaire

Garden Therapy spends time monthly with the residents of South Dennis Health Care creating crafts or garden related projects.

Each committee member is responsible for sourcing craft ideas and projects for a specific month which are preapproved by the Chairperson. At the end of the year committee members plant a garden for the residents.

Committee Members:  Susan Carnathan, Patricia Koehler  

GRAPEVINE - Chair: Candy Loiselle

The Grapevine is the VGCD newsletter sent to all VGCD members informing them of scheduled activities and noteworthy information pertaining to gardening, nature, all aspects of VGCD and GCFM information and activities.

HORTICULTURE - Chairs: Nancy J. Wilson & Colleen Baldelli

The Horticulture committee, in conjunction with relevant committees is responsible for the planning and organizing of field trips, flower shows, December wreath decorating, horticultural minutes, providing center pieces for the December luncheon and Annual Meeting.

Committee Members: Nancy Jamieson, Barbara Lockhart, Betty Morse, Kathy Ozella, Mary Raycraft    

HOSPITALITY - Chair: Phyllis Villemaire

This committee organizes the monthly meeting luncheon refreshments for VGCD members and guests to enjoy. The committee is responsible for proper cleanup and storage of materials.


MEMBERSHIP - Chair: Joanne Mockler

The Membership Committee coordinates the record keeping for the body of all VGCD members. This includes the creation of new and renewal applications. Members will interface with any new applicants regarding their interests and skills following which applicant names will be presented to the Board for approval. Members of the committee will work with the Vice President (who is a de-facto member of the committee) to assign a mentor to each new member. The committee will take attendance at meetings and maintain records in print and electronic spreadsheet form showing all current members and their status. This information will be used by the committee to manage renewals and in conjunction with the Tech Team, make current membership lists available on the VGCD website under the secure section for other committees and club members to utilize. The committee along with the Vice-President, may take on other activities during the year such as a welcome event for new members, training for mentors or membership promotion events as needed.

Committee Members: Melanie Carlson, Lisa Griffin, Maryann Politi 

PHOTOGRAPHER - Chair: Sheryl Vos

This VGCD member takes photographs at all VGCD events and works with the website editor to display and archive all photos on the VGCD website.

PLANT SALE - Chair: Marsha Fredericks

The Plant Sale Committee coordinates one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, the annual plant sale. The committee is

responsible for all aspects of the sale including purchasing plants from nurseries, gathering members plants, locating a sale site, obtaining town permits, building a team, assigning tasks, works with various committees (as needed) such as the finance team, treasurer, tech team and publicity to coordinate funding and advertising. Additionally, leads the effort to collect plant accessories and vintage items offered for sale. They are responsible for building a team for the final cleanup and disposal of all site materials at the end of the sale. Lastly, provides the final reporting to include finances and balances of accounts within 30 days of the event.

Committee Members:  Colleen Baldelli, Nadine Bradshaw, Lynn Carlson, Dorothy Craft, Enid Crowell, Nancy Jamieson, Jan Kervick, Laura Luke, Joanne Mockler, Mary Karen Noonan, Barbara Norman, Lynda Stamboni, Sheryl Vos, Nancy J Wilson 

PROGRAM - Chair: Marjorie Dienhart

This Committee researches and arranges monthly programs for the club. The program may include speakers and other gardening, nature, and environmentally related subjects, along with focuses that support our club mission and budgets. Additionally, committee members review speaker’s presentations and equipment needs either in person or via technology before engaging on behalf of the club. This includes being a liaison with the speaker, coordinating contracts, submitting requests for payment, introducing the speaker/subject at each monthly meeting. Prior to meeting day, all equipment requirements, plus equipment set up plan is in place to ensure high quality programs. Also, collaborates with other VGCD Committees members to assist in planning the December Member Luncheon, VGCD special events (anniversary celebrations) and providing updates to the Grapevine Editor and Tech Team representatives.

Committee Members: Denise Bienfang, Judie DeCarolis, Barbara Drowne, Elaine Fialky, Marlea Hoelzer, Karen Smith

PUBLICITY - Chair: Marie Susen

The Publicity Committee is responsible for managing communications and publicity for notable club events and activities while staying within budget. This includes all forms of written or electronic messaging, internet solutions and/or other avenues of affordable media for promotional purposes. Publicity works with the club photographer and various committees to achieve effective publicity awareness.

Committee Members: Donna Garrabrant, Candy Loiselle, Mary Karen Noonan


This committee works with local schools and organizations to provide scholarships, tool-ships and grants to residents living on Cape Cod. Working with high school guidance counselors, the committee identifies students who plan to pursue careers in fields that support the mission of the VGCD such as horticulture, landscaping design, environmental science, botany, forestry and other related fields. The committee will meet to review applications and award college scholarships and tool-ships to students to help them meet their career goals. In addition, this group may offer grants and advice to Cape Cod schools and other community organizations to help these organizations create and promote gardens and greens spaces in our town.


Committee Members:  Donna Christensen, Laura Luke

TECHNOLOGY - Chairs: Candy Loiselle & Jan Ward

This Committee is responsible for audio and video setup at each monthly meeting in conjunction with the Program Committee. Committee members manage and update the VGCD Facebook Page and website. Club laptop administration, including software updates, antivirus and hardware support, are managed by this team. This committee also works on creating media for all VGCD events such as the plant sale, open meeting and other special events in conjunction with the publicity team.


YEARBOOK - Chair: Elizabeth Ching

Based on current input from all committees, the yearbook committee creates the yearly VGCD yearbook, coordinates printing with detail to cost and distribution. Committee chairs must submit edits or new material to the yearbook Chair as scheduled to guarantee on-time publication. Yearbook draft(s) must be proofread by committee Chairs before going to print. In addition, committee Chairs must provide these changes to the Technology and Publicity teams to ensure all media is in synch.


Hospitality Schedule 

Co-Chairs: Phyllis Villemaire

September Chair - TBD 

Tea Table— TBD

Susan Carnathan, Elizabeth Ching, Priscilla Cronin, Barbara Drowne, Mary Karen Noonon, Patti Sakellis, Peg Sheridan, Sheryl Vos

October Chair -   TBD

Tea Table— TBD


Dorothy Craft, Elaine Fialky, Jean Forte, Jan Kervick, Peggy Lahey, Candy Loiselle, Connie Maney, Mary Rahal 

November Chairs - TBD

Tea Table—TBD

Barbara Fitzpatrick, Marlea Hoelzer, Marion Marino, Mary Karen Noonan, Beverly Petti, Maryann Politi, Nancy Wilson 

January Chairs - TBD

Tea Table - TBD


Melanie Carlson, Marjorie Dienhart, Priscilla Hutchinson, Barbara Norman, Kathy Ozella, Marie Susen, Jan Ward   

February Chairs - TBD

Tea Table - TBD

Lisa Griffin, Lynn Carlson, Teedy Farrell, Joanne Mockler, Lynda Stamboni 

March Chair - TBD

Tea Table— TBD 

Judie DeCarolis, Nancy Jamieson, Betty Morse, Mary Raycraft       

April Chair - TBD

Tea Table - TBD

Nadine Bradshaw, Enid Crowell, Susan Foley, Marsha Fredericks, Pat Koehler, Barbara Lockhart 

May Chairs -  TBD

Tea Table— TBD

Colleen Baldelli, Denise Bienfang, Laura Luke, Karen Smith 

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