Committees & Assignments

Standing Committees


This committee is active March through November.  A site chairperson  will oversee the planting, watering, fertilization, and weeding of each garden.  Participation is required for Spring/Fall Cleanup, although some people are designated as designers or schedulers.   No limit on number of members.  


Corporation Beach Dory

Site Chair: Patricia Koehler

Alice Adams

Dorothy Craft

Joan Donovan

Joanne Kuchera

Joanne Mockler

Mary Raycraft

Anne Toland 

Dennis Memorial Library &

King Memorial Park

Site Chair: Jane B Wilson

Barbara Canal

Marilyn Franciose

Nancy Jamieson

Janet Levesque

Barbara Norman

Beverly Petti  

Dennis Public Library

Site Chair: Nancy Wilson

Barbara Fitzpatrick

Dennis Port Pocket Park

Site Chair: Patti Sakellis

Melanie Carlson

Nancy Goldman

Mary Karen Noonan

Pamela Olson

Joan Surrette

Marie Susen 

Dennis Senior Center


Elaine Fialky

Christine Harrington

Phyllis Villemaire 

Josiah Dennis Manse                  Interpretive Garden

Site Co-Chair: Mary Raycraft

Dagmar Fichtel

Mary Karen Noonan

Jan Ward

Dennis Village Post Office

Site Chairs:


Donna Christensen 

Priscilla Cronin 

Connie Maney 

Mary Rahal 

Mayflower Beach Dory

Site Chairs: Nadine Bradshaw

                    Betty Ludecker

Jean Forte

Susan Genoa

Laura Luke

Mary Raycraft 

Nobscussett Park

Site Chairs: Peggy Lahey

                    Mauvreen Ackley

Jan Kervick

Nobscussett Park

Site Chairs: Peggy Lahey


Ginger Barnes

Barbara Drowne

Jean Forte

Jan Kervick

Mary Raycraft

Sheryl Vos

Jan Ward

Martha Young  


The Chairperson of this committee researches the awards available from the Federated Garden Clubs, from GCFM, New England Regional and National Garden Clubs, Inc.  This information is given to VGC committee chairs who may wish to apply for an award. 

Chair: Nancy Jamieson


This committee holds sessions to teach club members the techniques of garden and container design in accordance with federated rules. 

Chairs:  Angela Kimball & Nancy Jamieson  



The Environment Committee keeps members informed about conservation and environmental issues and provides us with suggestions to lessen our carbon footprints locally and worldwide. 

Chair: Priscilla Hutchinson, Eileen Lawler 


This chairperson coordinates a schedule of volunteers to place flower arrangements/plants in various town buildings throughout the year.

Chair: Connie Maney


 This committee spends time monthly with the residents of South Dennis Health Care.  Individual committees are formed for each month’s visit.  Each committee is responsible for coming up with a craft or garden project for the assigned month. To round out the year, we plant a garden for the residents.  

 Chair: Phyllis Villemaire 

 Alice Adams, Donna Scarnecchia, Marilyn Bowen, Natalie Welsh,  Edie Bracken,  Elizabeth Ching, Donna Garrabrant, Patricia   Koehler, Betsy Rinehart  


This chairperson writes up a newsletter to all members each month.

Chair: Candy Loiselle


This committee is responsible for planning horticulture trips, coordinating with the Program Committee for horticulture programs, organizes the horticulture at the Flower Shows, co-ordinates the wreath making in December, plans and runs the horticulture minute for our monthly meetings and makes the center pieces for the Annual Meeting in June. 

Co-Chairs: Nancy J Wilson & Barbara Lockhart

Teedy Farrell, Susan Foley, Nancy Jamieson, Angela Kimball, Betty Morse, Mary Raycraft    


This committee organizes the monthly meeting luncheon and desserts for members to enjoy. 


 Co-Chairs:  Connie Maney & Phyillis Villemaire 


This committee tracks member participation, welcomes and sets expectations for new members, creates names tags and manages member renewals.

Co-Chairs: Sue Foley & Priscilla Cronin


This committee sets up and manages the plant sale in May. 

Co-Chairs: TBD

Alice Adams, Barbara Canal, Melanie Carlson, Marilyn Francoise, Nancy Goldman, Jan Levesque, Barbara Norman, Lynda Stamboni, Jane B Wilson, Nancy J Wilson 


This committee researches and arranges the monthly programs for the club, including the special “Open Meeting” for the public.  Typically the committee meets four times a year to discuss available presenters.  Members are asked to contact a speaker, acquire a signed contract, be the liaison with that speaker prior to the meeting (confirm plans, determine speaker’s needs, remind him/her of the plans, and introduce him/her that month).  In addition, this committee plans and organizes the December holiday luncheon. The cochairs are responsible for coordinating the program plans and for reporting to the VGC Board and the membership when asked and by submitting information to the Grapevine if appropriate.  They develop the program committee budget and prepare the program descriptions for the Yearbook.  

Chair: Donna Chipman

Elizabeth Ching, Donna Christensen, Judie DeCarolis, Rosalie DiNapoli, Barbara Drowne, Elaine Fialky, Donna Garrabrant, Susan Genoa, Betsy Harrison,  Fran Iovinella,  Joanne Mockler, Marie Susen 


This committee is responsible for managing publicity for our club events and determining ways to get more positive publicity for the club in general.  

Chair: Donna Garrabrant 


 This committee works with local schools and organizations to provide scholarships, tool-ships and grants to residents of Dennis.  Working with high school guidance counselors, the committee identifies students who plan to pursue careers in fields that support the mission of the VGCD such as horticulture, landscape design, environmental science, botany, forestry and other related fields.  The committee will meet to review applications and award college scholarships and toolships to students to help them meet their career goals.    In addition, the committee may offer grants and advice to Dennis K-12 schools and other community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity to help these organizations create and promote gardens and green spaces in our town.    Working with the Program Committee on the fundraising Open Meeting held in November and having a second fund raiser each year along with board approved transfers is how the committee and VGCD members help to maintain a fund balance to support these grants. 

Co-Chairs: Mary Ann Politi & Anne Toland

Melanie Carlson, Judy Christie, Connie Maney, Mary Rahal, Patricia Sowpel 


This committee is responsible for the technical portion (audio and video) setup for the presentations at each monthly meeting in conjunction with the Program committee.  This committee also manages the Facebook Page for the club and maintains the Web page.  They also maintain the 3 club laptops for software currency and support.

Chairs: Candy Loiselle & Jan Ward

Dagmar Fichtel, Laura Luke


This committee member creates the yearbook and sends to all members for the coming year. 

Chair: Jan Ward


Chairperson to contact members without Email

Chair: Mary Raycraft

Chamber of Commerce

Site Chair: Donna Garrabrant


Elizabeth Ching

Marie Susen

Mary Ann Politi

Jane B. Wilson 

Hospitality Schedule 

Co-Chairs: Joanne Mockler & Marie Susen

September Chairs - Priscilla Cronin & Joan Donovan

Tea Table— Dagmar Fichtel

Donna Christensen, Barbara Fitzpatrick , Sue Genoa, Lynn Kellett, Connie Maney, Patti Sakellis, Sheryl Vos 

October Chairs -  Jan Kervick & TBD

Tea Table— Jane Wilson


Candy Loiselle, Barbara Canal, Dorothy Craft, Elaine Fialky, Marilyn Francoise, Jean Forte, Christine Harrington,

Jo-Ann Kuchera, Mary Ann Politi 

November Chairs - Edie Bracken 

Tea Table—Nancy Goldman

Judith Christie, Judie DeCarolis, Janet Levesque, Joanne Mockler, Barbara Norman, Bev Petti, Natalie Welsh, Martha Young 

January Chairs - Angela Kimball & Marie Susen

Tea Table—Angela Kimbal

Fran Iovinella, Pat Koehler, Mary Rahal, Betsy Rinehart, Anne Toland, Jan Ward   

February Chair - Melanie Carlson & TBD 

Tea Table—Nancy Jamieson

Teedy Farrell, Peggy Lahey, Betty Ludecker, Betty Morse, Mary Raycraft, Lynda Stamboni, Nancy J Wilson

March Chair - Gail Jamison & TBD

Tea Table—Pam Olson

Alica Adams, Donna Chipman, Sue Foley, Betsy Harrison, Barbara Lockhart, Mary Karen Noonan      

April Chair - Phyllis Villemaire & Nadine Bradshaw

Tea Table—Donna Garrabrant

Ginger Barnes, Elizabeth Ching, Jean Forte, Pattie Sowpel, Jane B Wilson

May Chair - TBD

Tea Table— Priscilla Hutchinson

Rosalie DiNapoli, Marilyn Bowen, Barbara Drowne, Sylvia Gabos, Eileen Lawler, Laura Luke, Marion Marino, Joan Surrette  

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